The Art of Hero Making

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When you invest in helping as many people as possible identify their unique calling and release them to pour into others, you exponentially increase your impact.

The work of hero making can happen at any scale and in any context. Suppose you have the capacity to lead a group of ten. Great! What if your primary goal was not simply to be the best leader of ten but to do your best to make sure someone else was an even better leader? What if that person in turn invested their gifts and energy into someone else? When we make heroes of others, the potential for astounding impact grows beyond our limited abilities and efforts.

But let’s take it a step farther. Now let’s imagine this happening in a broader way among your entire circle of friends and associates. And what if this mindset of investing in others spilled into every community and business leader? You have a multiplication movement in the making. Hero making is the foundation of every movement because it is a force multiplier. It takes whatever work we do as individuals and multiplies it over and over again.

Concept by Dave Ferguson

Dream Again, LLC

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