Scandalized Humanity

As a human being I am scandalized by the fact that postmoderns are more likely to be outraged by the suggestion of violence to an animal than they are by the slaughter of their own kind. I’ve been to movies where, in the process of making the movie, actors and stunt crew were maimed, or killed, yet there was the assurance at the end of the credits that “no animals have been harmed during the production of this movie.” In one movie about insects, they even said “no insects were killed during the production of this movie.”

I will have to add for those that are “adept at missing the point”, Of course it is wrong and downright evil to harm a defenseless animal.

When I am meeting with people the word relationship is thrown around constantly. I get it, we are in a relational business culture, one I thrive in. What I fear is that the word has become empty and worthless in the culture overall. The opening paragraph demonstrates the horrible loss of perspective. If we place anything above the nurture of real relationships with humans we have missed the true value of what they are. I know the inherent pain associated with a deep dive into meaningful relationship but there is no relationship without risk. Before your next one on one, self evaluate. Are you truly open to the risk of transparency? Yes, you can be hurt, again, but the rewards can be much greater as you affirm someone else in there search for real relationship. You see, relationship is much less about you and much more about what you distribute into others. Commit to being the one that re-energizes and reinvigorates the word relationship. You will be glad you did.

“Be Encouraged”


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