King Me!!

In every simple game of checkers there is a thrilling moment when one of the ordinary playing pieces suddenly becomes royalty. Having moved and jumped all the way to the far side of the board, a checker becomes a king, “King me! commands one of the players. a second checker is carefully stacked on top of the first checker, and from then on the new king has the power to move all over the board.

Many people want the game of checkers to become their way of life. Not content to be ordinary, they want to be the royal center of attention. “King Me!” they say, wanting enough power and money to get the control and buy the pleasure they want in life. “King me!” (or “Queen me!” to use a term from the game of chess) is what I am saying whenever my own desires become my main concerns, even at the expense of others.

When it comes to being important, image is everything. If you are going to be king, you have to act like a king, and that includes having people people around to treat you like a king, You need to have followers-people to tell you how great you are.

Here’s a twist. How about we look for opportunities to “King and Queen Others!”. Let’s look for ways to become servants as we allow others to walk the life of royalty and to tell them how great they are. Let’s begin to seek ways to enhance their lives and help them fulfill their dreams. A funny thing happens along this inverted path, people begin to understand their worth and value and your value gets recognized as a by product. Everyone Wins!!

“Be Encouraged”


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